Reviews For Smoke Alarm Installation Guy

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George V.

Brea, CA

5 Star Reviews Smoke Alarm Installation Guy

Dave couldn’t have been more helpful.  All of the smoke alarms inside my home were going off at once due to an electrical short.  I didn’t know who to turn to, and luckily ran across Dave’s number.  He was busy at the moment, but called me back immediately and explained to me the issue.  He helped fix it for me on the spot and gave me some helpful tips going forward, including where to find the best deals.  I’m really amazed that there’s still such helpful and honest people out there.  Dave is truly one of them.  Will be using his company again in the future!

Jim T.

Laguna Hills, CA

5 Star Reviews Smoke Alarm Installation Guy

We’ve been calling emergency electricians for two days to replace a hot-wired smoke detector that is 32 years old. It keeps chirping every 30 seconds and driving us and our dogs crazy. All we got was answer machines and answering services but no commitments. Finally we reached Al and he was at our house in 30 minutes! On a Sunday too! Praise the Lord!!!

Josh N.

Irvine, CA

5 Star Reviews Smoke Alarm Installation Guy

Dave is a consummate pro, and knows all the nuances of the myriad of smoke alarms on the market. He promptly returned my email, and patiently guided me through a power reset of a dying First Alert detector. 

Tucker T.

Laguna Beach, CA

5 Star Reviews Smoke Alarm Installation Guy

I called Smoke Alarm Installation Guy and Dave answered right away. I didn’t have to leave a message or talk to an operator who would say, “someone will call you back”. I explained my problem to him and he said he would be here within the hour. Dave was very professional, polite and fast working. We will definitely use him again and recommend him for any electrical problems or upgrades to your home.

Kay K.

Aliso Viejo, CA

5 Star Reviews Smoke Alarm Installation Guy

Smoke Alarm Installation Guy is a LIFE SAVER!!!
Our smoke alarm starting chirping in the early morning around 4am which cause my dogs to freak out and start barking, waking up my whole family and most likely my neighbors. We tried everything to turn this alarm of including throwing shoes at it, but we could not reach it because it was over the staircase and was out of our reach without a very tall ladder to turn it off. 
I called the Smoke Alarm Installation Guy and he answered the phone at 5am in the morning and was at my house 20 minutes later to disable the smoke alarm so my family could get back to sleep. 
I then schedule a time for him to come back and replace all my smoke detectors and also install a carbon monoxide detector all with the new 10 year batteries so I won’t have to worry about this happening anytime soon.
I highly recommend him if you are in need of smoke alarms, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide replacement.

Dave R.

Garden Grove, CA

Outstanding !!! We had an alarm that started chirping at 3 AM.
I searched yelp and found Dave listed as number 1 and the reviews were right.
I called at 7:30 am and he was here 30 minutes later.
We asked him to replace all three alarms, since two were a lot older.
The price was reasonable and he even gave us a break on the price for installing three at once. He was friendly, efficient and knew what he was doing.
We’ll definitely call him again if we need more work done.

Suezella T.

Las Vegas, NV

Very helpful with giving free information on what was wrong and how to fix myself if I wanted to.